Request for a consultancy service to provide Technical and Legal Support for Joint Office Building Investment


July 2024,  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI) is a regional policy research institute based in Addis Ababa. HESPI is looking for a legal and technical consultancy service to realize its joint Headquarter office building investment. The consulting firm will be expected to offer professional services on

(i)   Legal services on matters of property ownership, entitlement retention/transfers

(ii)  Conduct and conclude contractual dealings with joint-investors in property development

(iii) Management and technical supervision of the building construction from planning, supervision of construction through finishing (quality & design).

This request is intended to lead to the identification of a consulting firm that can demonstrate superior professional capacity and commitment to undertake these services enumerated in the Terms of Reference (TORs) in the best possible manner that enables HESPI to meet its expectations.

Requirements: HESPI is therefore soliciting interested and capable consultancy firms which fulfil the following requirements:

  • Proven experience in Real Estate Development, Finance and Investment, Construction Management, and assign experienced consultants on property development management.
  • Assign legal professionals in the areas of urban land administration, joint venture business deals, and construction law of Ethiopia.
  • Has deep knowledge on land development policies and directives of the Addis Ababa City Administration (especially of the joint development of property)
  • Assign experienced engineers and architects to assist HESPI on all aspects of design and quality control from planning stage, start up to finishing of the building project
  • Proven knowledge and broad experience on management of multi-use building.

Submission: Interested consultancy firms that fulfil the requirements of the Requested should submit their proposals “comprising of company profile, updated CVs of engaging professionals, license provided by mandated authority to deliver the services” along with the Technical and Financial proposal at with a copy to, no later than close of business 18th  July 2024.  Full TOR for this assignment can be accessed HERE