Institutional Capacity Building for the Republic of South Sudan

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Juba, South Sudan

The Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI) signed a project agreement in October 2017 with the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) under the support projects to “Conflict Affected Countries- the Republic of South Sudan”. The project aimed at improving both intra-regional trade and sound economic and financial policies, specifically public finance reform that includes budget formulation, implementation and monitoring activities in South Sudan.

The implementation of this project was preceded by a tripartite needs assessment, prioritization and validation of the focus areas made by HESPI, ACBF and the Republic of South Sudan in September 2017 within the general framework of the program.

This six month project, November 2017 to April 2018 (subsequently extended to June 2018), was designed as a starter-initiative for the long-term institutional capacity building support to the Republic of South Sudan to assist its transition from fragility to sustainability by ways of ensuring the effective and efficient Public Finance Management, and Trade and Regional Integration.

The prevailing practices and challenges of Public Finance Management in the central government of South Sudan have been carefully assessed and analyzed. The research has looked into the challenges the Government is facing in enhancing fiscal management and towards ensuring fiscal sustainability. Fundamental laws and regulations enacted and promulgated in the country to help the Public Finance Management have been assessed.

Based on the assessment, measures of budget reliability, transparency, the fiscal strategies and budgeting, predictability and control in budget execution, accounting and reporting and the aspect of external scrutiny have been analyzed and the status of the Public Finance Management in the Republic of South Sudan has been examined and options to improve the situation have been proposed.

Similarly, HESPI conducted research on Trade and Regional Integration of the Republic of South Sudan in the IGAD region. Country level survey was conducted with the Ministry of Trade, Investment and all other government stakeholders. The research also gathered information from secondary sources. The prospects of the regional integration in regards to the trade potential in terms of trade indices, the Republic of South Sudan trade performance benefits from the membership to the regional economic community has also been soberly assessed.

In this regard, HESPI conducted two policy forums and four days training to representatives of government Ministries, and agencies in particular the Ministry of Finance and Planning, the Federal Audit Chamber, The Public Accounts Committee of the National Legislature, Bank of South Sudan, Commercial Banks in South Sudan, University of Juba, Civil Society Organizations, and the selected stakeholders.

Below are the presentations made during the policy forums and training

DOWNLOAD : Assessment-of-Public-Financial-Management-in-RSS-Gashaw-Tsegaye

DOWNLOAD : External-Controls-and-budget-implementation-Chiengkuach-Mabil

DOWNLOAD : External-Scrutiny-of-PEM-Chiengkuach-Majok

DOWNLOAD : Financial-Planning-Hailemelekot-T-Giorgis

DOWNLOAD : Monitoring-and-Reporting-of-Public-Exp.-Fantahun-Belew

DOWNLOAD : PEM-Training-Budget-Planning-and-Preparation-Fantahun-Belew

DOWNLOAD : PEM-Training-Comprhensivness-of-the-budget-Fantahun-Belew

DOWNLOAD : PEM-Training-SS-Transparency-in-Budget-Excution-Fantahun-Belew

DOWNLOAD : PFE-transparent-execution-Hailemelekot-T-Giorgis

DOWNLOAD : Public-Financial-Management-Practice-in-the-RSS-Gashaw-Tsegaye

DOWNLOAD : Regional-Trade-Integration-in-RSS-Progress-prospect-and-Challenges-Dr-Haile