Increasing Public Awareness on Migration and Climate Change through collaboration and Teaching

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The Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute (HESPI) is implementation an interesting projected entitled “Increasing Public Awareness on Migration and Climate Change through collaboration and Teaching (IMPACT) under the Erasmus + program. The project is implemented in collaboration with the European Centre for Economic and Policy Analysis and Affairs (ECEPAA) and consortium members from Europe and Africa. HESPI hosted an exchange visit from the consortium member to Ethiopia from 11th -15th March 2024. The visiting team was from Belgium, Italy, Greece and Spain. Most of them were educators and researchers. It is well-recognized that the Climate Change is a critical global issue that has wide ranging social, economic and environmental impacts, including displacement or migration of people. The displacement often leads to conflicts, poverty, inequality and migration. Therefore, the need to promote inclusion and diversity at schools, at organizations and at various levels in policies in the field of education and training. This project therefore focuses on understanding climate-induced migration and what we are required to educate our community, especially the young generation on it. It in turn will help to address social justice, equality and human rights, and for building more conscious, resilient and sustainable societies. The project also intends to increase the interest and engagement on issues of climate-induced migration among teachers, the youth, social workers, and other professionals who are involved in education and training, as well as to enhance their capacity to address the issue in their work. It also aims to address migration and adaptation to climate by promoting inclusion and diversity at organizational levels, policies in the field of education and training- to create more resilient and sustainable community. This practice exchange visit to Africa (Ethiopia) was part of the objective of the project to raise awareness on about the impact of climate on migration and promoting the exchange of practices related to these issues (Climate change as a driver of migration).