HESPI organized briefings sessions on progresses of the RWG activities

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Addis Ababa

On February 14, 2020, HESPI organized briefings sessions on progresses of project implementations of the RWG activities under the AUHIP on the HoA for the period of June - December 2019. The meeting was attended by about 20 people. Representatives from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland embassies; participants from the AUC Sudan and South Sudan desk; the AUHIP chief of staff; and the HESPI team members attended the meeting. Virtually (through Skype) participants from Goldsmith in London and World Peace Foundation USA also attended the meeting. In the meeting, progresses made up to December 2019 both on program implementation and financial utilization streams; challenges, opportunities and next immediate plans and delivery dates of research reports and policy events had been discussed. Also, extensive briefing was made by the AUHIP chief of staff on the findings of the high panel's visits to the HoA since June 2019.