Consultative Meeting Rebuilding Viable State and Effective Institutions in Somalia

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HESPI carried out a consultative meeting on rebuilding viable and effective institutions in Somalia in collaboration with UNECA in Addis Ababa in August 2013. This consultative meeting was entitled “Rebuilding Viable State and Effective Institutions in Somalia.” The meeting has drawn concerned participants from different parts of the globe working at various capacities. It brought together representatives of the Somalia leadership, civil society, representatives from Embassies and multilateral institutions, independent professionals and academicians along with the international experts on post-conflict reconstruction. This high-level conference fostered intensive dialogue that promotes the exchange of ideas and new thinking among policy makers and the country’s development partners by brainstorming on socio-economic policy options and strategies. It also contributed to the current assessment of Somalia’s post-conflict priority needs in jump-starting the nation building and supported the new government for Somalia in its post-conflict endeavors to plan, formulate and implement coherent programs for rebuilding viable state and effective institutions. The conference declaration and proceedings were provided to the Federal Government policy makers and the country’s development partners to influence and enrich the socio-economic policy options and strategies. The proceedings edited and produced by HESPI with technical presentations and policy recommendations which were shared with Somalia and other fragile states policy makers in IGAD sub region. HESPI’s regular feedback from the current FGS since then indicated that the recommendations contributed to the enhancement of the formulation of the New Deal with the EU. It also helped them in the process of enhancing the PFM institutions which are currently taking roots. A joint government and donor process is now being put in place to further enhance financial integrity.