ACBF assessment on Gender, Inclusion and Diversity (GID) status with each of the SALCA program stakeholders

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

It is understood that Gender, Inclusion and Diversity (GID) are essential dimensions in our societal fabric. In this package, gender refers to the roles, expectations, and opportunities ascribed to individuals based on their perceived sex. Inclusion embodies the principle of ensuring equitable access and participation for all, regardless of their background or characteristics. Diversity encompasses the richness of human experiences and backgrounds, acknowledging that our differences make our communities stronger. In this context, we explore the intersection of these concepts in the work of the community-based organization.
As part of the ongoing SALCA program, Gender, Inclusion and Diversity (GID) is being treated as one key component and dimensions to address. ACBF has been assessing the GID situation with each of the SALCA program stakeholders. On that regard, Dr. Nancy (Gender Expert) and Ms. Seyram (SALCA coordinator from ACBF) visited HESPI on October 23-24, 2023.