Assessment of Economic Integration in IGAD

This study seeks to assess the progress made so far and the challenges that face regional integration process in the Horn of Africa with especial emphasis on IGAD; and it provides a roadmap to enhance the regional efforts beyond the creation of free trade area. The objective of the assessment is to provide analytical policy recommendations that help to establish an effective regional economic community. The analysis shall cover diverse issues such as conceptual issues in regional integration, recent developments in IGAD’s regional economic integration, challenges and achievements of IGAD to date, and the importance of regional trade for member countries.

It is hoped that the study shall provide policy directions that enable policymakers to maximize the benefits from the regional economic community. The identification of problems should help the proposition of realistic and achievable targets and specific time frames for implementing each target. The study also provides an overview of the literature on regional economic integration, assesses the challenges facing economic integration in IGAD and recommends reforms that enhance regional efforts with realistic and achievable targets.

By: Ali I. Abdi (PhD) and Edris H. Seid (MSc)